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Using the Kowa Group Network to Maximize Growth

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Industrials & Infrastructures Division that handles a variety of industrial machinery / LCD-related equipment / building materials / mining heavy equipment / vessels / power generation, transmission, and distribution facilities / coals, etc.
Chemicals & Foods Division that handles pharmaceutical raw materials / cosmetic raw materials / lithium compound / activated carbon / food additives / food ingredients / processed foods / liquors, etc., these 2 divisions are working closely each other in the global network of our group, striving to business development actively.

Product / Merchandise Lineup

Industrials & Infrastructures Division

Industrials & Infrastructures Division is handling world-wide various high-tech devices, advanced building materials and heavy equipment.

Machinery Department
Automatic packaging machines, pharmaceutical machines, automatic appearance inspection equipment, automatic labor-saving machines, production facility and related materials for medical patch
Manufacturing facilities and related materials for liquid crystal display & module
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Building Material Department
Direct current supply system
Ceramic tiles, natural stones, wooden products, exterior products
Ceramic interior / exterior decoration materials, glass building materials
Raw materials for ceramics industry
Steels, ready-mixed concrete, aluminum materials, building materials
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Resources Development Department
Triangular trade and import from India and China
Bulk / Containerized cargo handling services
Trading of various types of vessels, including tugboats
Power generation, transmission, and distribution
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Chemicals & Foods Division

Trading of pharmaceutical & cosmetic products’ materials, whole gamut of chemicals, and food-relative goods. We are always challenging aggressively and professionally for our business expansion by using worldwide-network of Kowa as well as of our concerns in overseas.

Chemicals Department 1 & 2, Foods Department
Pharmaceutical ingredients / intermediates
Cosmetics ingredients / Food additives
Monomers and special chemicals
Fats and Oils / Fertilizer / Feedstuff
Litium compounds
Iodine and their compounds
Activated Carbon
Food ingredients
Foods / Liquors
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