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Animal Welfare


As a company that contributes to the health of human beings, Kowa Company, Ltd. conducts animal experiments with full consideration for animal welfare, believing that such experiments are indispensable for the research and development of medicines and for the development of bioscience.
In accordance with the guidelines for conduct of animal experiments and related activities in research institutions under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare and in the light of the fact that living animals are used, we make every effort to conduct animal experiments properly from a scientific viewpoint, and have established suitable internal regulations and take into consideration the 3R* principles for proper conduct of animal experiments.**
Our specific commitments include establishing an animal experiment committee which examines experimental protocol, inspects and evaluates ongoing experiments, and examines experimental reports. We also train our staff to observe related regulations and guidelines, to deepen their knowledge and skills about animals, and to improve the accuracy of animal experiments.
In addition, we hold an annual memorial service for laboratory animals to show our affection and gratitude to them and to soothe their spirits.
Alternative experimental methods, such as criteria using cultured cells etc., are effective for reducing the number of laboratory animals, and therefore we actively use such methods in various phases of research and development of medicines.


Use of alternative methods (Replacement)
Reduction in the number of laboratory animals (Reduction)
Alleviation of pain (Refinement)

** The Center for Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care and Use in the Japan Health Sciences Foundation certified that we meet the requirements.