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The strategy to manage a business by employing “Omotenashi”, the finest hospitality services.

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In Japan, there is the culture of considering guests’ feeling and making every effort for their satisfaction. Through the management of two major traditional hotels located in Nagoya -Nagoya Kanko Hotel and HOTEL NAGOYA CASTLE - we have developed our own “Omotenashi” culture that gives our guests a luxurious time that cannot be experienced in their daily life.
We are strategically managing resort development and operation in order to take different approaches to offer the best “Omotenashi” and provide satisfaction to the guests from home and abroad.

Products / Services Lineup

Nagoya Kanko Hotel has welcomed distinguished guests and VIPs from various quarters since it was appointed as one of the most exclusive hotels as well as the state guest house in Nagoya before the World War II.

HOTEL NAGOYA CASTLE, while embracing its 60 years of tradition and formalities, provides luxurious and sophisticated services to its guests with a beautiful view of the facade of Nagoya Castle.

Under the management of Kowa, these Nagoya-based renowned hotels, which have received many guests for a long time, are continuing to realize high-level hospitality by combining tradition and advanced services.

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