Kowa Kowabo Company, Ltd.

About Us

Since its founding in 1894 as a cotton fabric wholesaler in Japan, Kowa Group has grown into a global enterprise with more than a 120-year history. Kowa Company, Ltd., as the core of the Group, is actively engaging in various business fields including the trading of textiles, machinery, and construction materials, in addition to the manufacturing and sales of medicines, medical devices, vision units, energy saving and energy creating products.


Corporate Name
Kowa Company, Ltd.
December 25, 1894
President & CEO
Yoshihiro Miwa
3,840 million yen
573,930 million yen(Fiscal year ended March 31, 2024, Kowa Group consolidated)
7,974 (As of March 2024, Kowa Group consolidated)
6-29, Nishiki 3-chome, Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan
Business Fields
【Trading】Import / Export, Intermediate Trade, and Domestic Sales of Textile, Machinery, Construction Materials, Chemicals, and Commodities【Manufacturing】R&D and manufacture of OTC , prescription drugs, and medical devices;
manufacture / sales of FA and security vision units, robot system integrator business, hardware R&D of lenses and cameras, software R&D of system, embedded systems and AI, sales of energy saving and energy creating solutions, construction and sales of environmentally friendly architecture.