Kowa Kowabo Company, Ltd.

Message from
the President & CEO

We create a new value through a variety of business activities centering on “Health and Environment”.

Kowa Group commemorated the 125th anniversary of the foundation on December 25, 2019. As you know, every behavioral pattern has changed completely in the world due to the impact of the subsequent spread of the COVID-19. Although the society, economy and business environment are in the transitional period of drastic changes, I recognize that these changes are the result of a slightly advanced industrial structural reform looking at 5 years and 10 years later. With a progressive spirit to always cope with changes of the times and a steady manufacturing spirit, Kowa Group develops various business activities focused on “Health and Environment” to create a new unconventional value.
Kowa’s business activities range widely from textile business since the foundation to import/export of a wide range of commodities, tripartite trade, research and development of medicines, food and optical products, and their production and marketing, plus expansion of stores in commercial facilities, etc., where people come into contact with our products. Not limited to Japan, our business activities are globally spreading, centering on our business bases in Europe and Asia.
Kowa Group’s business has been actively addressing development of products focused on healthy and affluent life of people, pursuit of environmentally-friendly products, and manufacturing in response to AI and IoT looking at realization of a new society called Society 5.0. We have been establishing a supply chain from planning to manufacturing and marketing of products from a scratch to develop business beyond the boundary of business category with a flexible idea. With peoples health and happiness in mind, we will enhance interdivisional communication and cooperation to build a new unconventional business model.
In the meantime, while a global population is increasing and an economic scale is expanding, global issues have become more serious such as environment, labor and human rights, and widening income gap. Toward achievement of the “Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)” adopted at the United Nations, Kowa Group will also contribute to creation of a carefree and affluent society and realization of a sustainable society to be inherited by future generations through business activities.
We hope that you will continue to further support Kowa Group’s activities.

Message from the President & CEO