Kowa Kowabo Company, Ltd.

General Trading Business UnitGeneral Trading
Business Unit

Using the Kowa Group Network to Maximize Growth

We deal with variety of items through our global network, such as pharmaceutical ingredients, ingredients for cosmetics, monomers and specialty chemicals, oil and fats, feed additives, iodine and their compounds, lithium and their compounds, activated carbon and coal, marine products, foods and beverages, industrial machinery and equipments, vessels, thermal power station, direct current supply system, ceramic tiles, natural stone or exterior products etc.


Ship & Infrastructure

Environment & Infrastructure / Green Energy

Main Products and Services and Sevices
〇Renewable energy
〇Bulk-carrier ships
〇Patrol / Pilot Boats

Building Materials/Energy Management System

Environmental Material

Main Products and Services and Sevices

〇Building Materials
:Ceramic tiles, natural stones, wooden products, exterior products, glass building materials, etc.
〇Raw Materials
:Raw materials for Ceramics, Raw materials for tires, etc.
〇Energy-related products/System:
Emergency Power Supply(DC Supply System), Quick Charger, Smart Home system, etc.

Natural Resource / Chemical Material 

Main Products and Services and Sevices
〇Pharmaceutical ingredients / intermediates
〇Cosmetics ingredients
〇Monomers and special chemicals
〇Litium compounds
〇Iodine and their compounds
〇Activated Carbon

Food-related Business

Food Science

We are proud to play a role as a trading company handling Processed Food, Food Additives, Fats and Oils (derived from castor-bean and palm etc.), Fertilizer / Feedstuff.
While prizing our network with our many customers, not only in Japan but worldwide, we contribute to a wide array of food-related business around the world.