Kowa Kowabo Company, Ltd.

Business Fields

The Kowa Group is a global company, with Kowa Company, Ltd. at its core, expanding its business around the world together with over 100 group companies.

Business Fields

  • 商社事業

    General Trading Business Unit

    We deal with variety of items through our global network, such as pharmaceutical ingredients, foods and beverages, Building Materials and Renewable energy etc.

  • 生活関連事業

    Lifestyle Business Unit

    We are in charge of proposing plans, manufacturing and marketing/selling both materials and finished products.

  • 健康・医薬事業

    Pharmaceutical Business Unit

    This area of business deals with groundbreaking new drugs with world-first pharmaceutical mechanisms as well as self-care products familiar from TV commercials.

  • ホスピタリティ事業

    Hospitality Business Unit

    We are strategically managing a business by employing "Omotenashi", the finest hospitality services

More Information

  • 興和オプトロニクス Kowa Optronics
  • 興和地所 Kowa Estate