Kowa Kowabo Company, Ltd.

Major Subsidiaries & Affiliates


  • Kowa Estate Co., Ltd.
    Real estate
  • Sankyo Co., Ltd.
    Insurance agency
  • Nagoya Kanko Hotel Co., Ltd.
    Hotel business
  • Kowa Technical Service Co., Ltd.
    Maintenance and lease of optical equipment
  • Kowa Optronics Co., Ltd.
    Development, manufacture and sales of vision system, Robot system integrator,
    Building and electrical construction, Development, manufacture and sales of optical equipment
  • Career & Leaps, Ltd.
    Staffing and outsourcing business
  • Incontro Co., Ltd.
  • Kowa Koga Factory Co., Ltd.
    Manufacture of daily products such as body warmer
  • Kowa Logistics Co., Ltd.
    Management and service of logistics solution
  • Houoh Co., Ltd.
    Management of inns, hotels and other lodging facilities
  • Act Health Care Co., Ltd.
    Wholesaling of foodstuff, consumer healthcare products, designated quasi-drugs, etc.
  • Meinan Mitsubishi Motor Sales Co., Ltd.
    Sales of automobiles
  • Stern Nagoya Minami Co., Ltd.
    Sales of automobiles
  • Espacio Enterprise Co., Ltd.
    Hotel business
  • Ktac Planners Co., Ltd.
    Sales of foods and cosmetics
  • Drug Discovery Institute for Infectious Diseases
    Pharmaceutical research and development
  • Watabe Wedding Corporation
    Resort wedding and domestic wedding business
  • SUNITED Co., Ltd.
    IT consulting, system development and operation
  • Kowa Dental Health Co., Ltd.
    Pharmaceutical research and development
  • Kowa Facility Management Co., Ltd.
    Facility Management, Support for hotel and hospitality industries, Staffing services
  • Kowa AG Pharma Co., Ltd.
    Manufacture and sales of pharmaceuticals
  • Maruei Department Store Co., Ltd.
    Retailing and real estate leasing
  • Kowa Emori Company, Ltd.
    Sales, import & export of chemicals, electronic materials, electronic devices, synthetic resins, dyes, dyeing auxiliaries and environmentally-friendly products
  • Espacio Misaki Marine Resort Co., Ltd.
    Facility management business
  • Nagoya Castle Co., Ltd.
    Hotel business
  • Japan Green Energy Co., Ltd.
    Development, production, sales and marketing of various next-generation energy resources
  • Aiorikaikan Co., Ltd.
    Rental building business
  • Kowa AI solutions Co., Ltd.
    AI and image processing software development
  • Eikosha Co., Ltd.
    Forwarding or transportation industry
  • Maruei Foods Co., Ltd.
    Real estate rental business, restaurant business
  • Hokuriku Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd.
    Compound manufacturing
  • Emori Paint Co., Ltd.
    Paint sales, painting, waterproof construction
  • Hokuriku Color Co., Ltd.
    Development, manufacturing and sales of dyes for clothing and automotive interior materials
  • Emori Logistics Co., Ltd.
    Storage, management, and delivery of merchandise
  • K.K. Meguro Gajoen
    Hotel, domestic wedding business
  • Mielparque Corporation
    Hotel, domestic wedding business
  • Okinawa Watabe Wedding Corporation
    Resort wedding business
  • Compact Seek Co., Ltd.
    Travel industry
  • Wellier Co., Ltd.
    E-commerce (Happiness-Direct) , Integrated-Healthcare business


North America

  • Kowa Holdings America, Inc.
    Kowa's administration center in the Americas, portfolio investment
  • Kowa American Corporation
    Import-export trading
  • Kowa Research Institute, Inc.
    Pharmaceutical research and development
  • Kowa Pharmaceuticals America, Inc.
    Marketing/sales of pharmaceuticals
  • Kowa Premium Foods Hawaii Corporation
    Farming, processing and sale of fishery products
  • Kowa Waikiki, LLC
    Hotel business
  • Trans Quality, Inc.
    Passenger transportation service

Latin America

  • Inversiones La Esperanza Chile Ltda.
    Contract management services, Health care product sales ,and portfolio investment
  • Kochi S.A.
    Import-export trading