Kowa Kowabo Company, Ltd.

Natural Resource・ Chemical Material

We handle import / export and domestically sells pharmaceutical ingredients / intermediates, all classes of chemicals (incl. poisons and deleterious substances), monomers and ingredients for cosmetics and toiletries.Our overseas network in this field is extensive, particularly for importing from China, India and Southeast Asia, and our activities span from investigating items to outsourcing contracts. For items handled under an agency agreement with an overseas manufacturer, we carry out sales on behalf of the manufacturer.

Especially, one of our sales-activity of the coconut-shell activated carbon produced by PJAC (Philippine-Japan Active Carbon Corporation), Philippines to all over the world. The activated carbon is, as one of the environmental materials, useful and effective to the environmental preservation through being employed at industrial fields like industrial drainage treatment or purification of emission gas, as well as at household goods like water-purifier or air-purifier for family-use.

Furthermore we trade coal-base activated carbon from China and Australia, wood-base activated carbons from China, and coconut-shell activated carbons from South-East Asia, too, so as being the “Professional of activated carbon supplier” to expand our business with broad-wide knowledge over the goods.

Main Products and Sevices

Pharmaceutical ingredients / intermediates

These materials are imported mainly from China.


Cosmetics ingredients / Food additives

We handle special chemicals such as ester oil, fine particulate titanium oxide for sunscreen and general food additives such as emulsifier and stabilizer.

Monomers and special chemicals

Raw materials for resins, solvents, pigments, additives and various other chemicals are exported to diverse industries including automobiles, building materials, and electronic parts. The Company has several storage warehouses in Europe and the United States to meet customers' requirements for timely delivery.

Litium compounds

Lithium compounds are used for heat-resistant glass, secondary-batteries for mobile-phone and laptop computer, and for any others to be applicable.Particularly the lithium ion battery, because of its character of light-weight, high-power, and high-performance, comes to the front as the source of energy for such like electric-vehicles which attract attention in the fields of global-warming prevention and of environmental-protection.

Iodine and their compounds

Iodine and its compounds are widely used as medicines, water repellent agents and feed additives, and demand is growing for them as a key material for LCD panels.

Activated Carbon

Selling to our clients all over the world, as the use-application for treatment of water-purification and emission-gas, for mask, for solvent-recovery, gold-recovery at gold mine, and for catalytic-agent, too.

Tanks for transportation and storage of liquid

We sell and lease ultra-high molecular weight and high density polyethylene or stainless steel intermediate bulk containers (IBC) and tank containers in accordance with ISO standards, etc., which are useful for streamlining the liquid distribution business.

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PJAC:Philippine-Japan Active Carbon Corporation

The manufacturer of activated carbon, located in Davao city, Mindanao-Isle, Philippines, established in 1972, and being operated by local staffs together with representatives to stay dispatched from Japan.

CLOSE UPPhosphoric acid business: A solid partnership with a leading Chinese manufacturer

Phosphoric acid :

For about 30 years, we, Kowa have been handling phosphoric acid produced in China, which is one of the world’s major phosphoric-acid-producing countries.
Kowa concluded a sole agency agreement regarding the sales of phosphoric acid in Japan with Hubei Xingfa Chemicals Group Co., Ltd. (Hubei Xingfa Chemicals) in 2008, and has contributed to market stabilization since then.

Hubei Xingfa Chemicals is one of the few manufacturers having mining rights for phosphate ore, which leads China in the production of phosphoric acid. Because of huge power consumption, the Xingshan Factory, for example, is focusing on the establishment of a stable power supply system by hydro power generation by utilizing its locational advantage of being near the Three Gorges Dam, one of the largest dams in China, to make up a part of its power consumption.

※ Hubei Xingfa Chemicals Group Co., Ltd. : One of the largest phosphoric acid manufacturers in China listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.


We also handle Belgian phosphate and in order to secure stable supply of the product, we have already been in an agency agreement for Japan with Prayon since 2017.
Prayon is the company which own capital of phosphate mining in Morocco, so as to be able to provide a stable supply of the material.
Furthermore, they achieved to ensure the stable supply of the product by establishing production bases in Belgium, France and America and producing the same product in the same product line at different manufacturing factories.
Japanese standard of food additive and Quasi-drug Ingredients and high quality of phosphate are guaranteed.