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Medical Device

Actively engaged in a diverse range of business to create a better and healthy life.

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Under the theme of “Supporting a healthy, better life,” we manufacture and sell sophisticated medical products globally.
In the diagnostic medical business, we have developed a broad range of products, such as our highly-regarded digital retinal cameras, and other specialized ophthalmology equipment, binocular vision test systems, and measuring equipment applying our laser/optical technology. These products are globally distributed through our sales networks located in the US, Europe, China, Singapore and Japan.
In addition, taking advantage of our long heritage of excellence and experience with optics and ophthalmological instruments, we manufacture intraocular lenses for cataract surgery to replace the opaque crystalline lens of the eye.

Products / Services Lineup

We handle ophthalmology and binocular vision test systems on a global basis such as our highly-regarded digital retinal cameras.