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Anterior segment of the eye

Laser Flare Meter

Kowa FM-700
User-friendly, patient-friendly, designed to be the best partner.

The Kowa FM-700 is an aqueous flare meter with a slit-lamp design. Even in cases of corneal inflammation, anyone with slit lamp experience will find the alignment process intuitively easy. It is also applicable for monitoring patients post cataract surgery and for testing ocular inflammatory diseases such as uveitis.

  • Dr. Manabu Mochizuki. Japan
    Introduction - how it all started

  • Dr. Carl P. Herbort Jr. Switzerland
    Principles and practice of laser flare

  • Mr. Carlos Pavesio. UK
    Practical aspects of using LFP in a
    uveitis clinic

  • Professor Ilknur Tugal-Tutukun. Turkey
    How LFP allows non-invasive
    monitoring of Behcet's posterior uveitis

  • Professor Bahram Bodaghi. France
    The importance of precise flare
    monitoring in JIA

  • Professor Moncef Khairallah. Tunisia
    Micro-variations of flare detected by
    LFP improve disease management and clinical studies

  • Dr. Carl P. Herbort Jr. Switzerland
    The FM-700 Laser Flare Photometer:
    user-friendly and precise laser flare
  • Quantitative measurement of protein concentration in aqueous humor with high accuracy using the laser scattering technique
  • Clinical tests for uveitis and other ocular inflammations, and to monitor post cataract surgery
  • Non-contact and non-invasive testing
  • Photo : Graph Result
    Graph Result
  • Photo : Report Result
    Report Result
  • Photo : Report Result
図E測定原琁E width=
An area including the measurement window is scanned with a laser beam. Background signal 1 (BG1) is obtained when the laser beam is located below the measurement window and background signal 2 (BG2) is obtained when the laserbeam is located above the measurement window. Both are scattered light noise from intraocular tissue, whilst the flare signal (SIG) is a sum of scattered light from protein and scattered light noise from intraocular tissue.
Thus, the intensity of the scattered light caused by the protein concentration in the aqueous humor of the anterior chamber is calculated using the formula: SIG-(BG1+BG2)/2. The result obtained from using this formula is called ‘flare value Eand represented as photon count per millisecond.
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Photo : FM-600