About Us

Major Subsidiaries & Affiliates


Kowa Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.
Marketing/sales of ethical products
Kowa Estate Co., Ltd.
Real estate
Sankyo Co., Ltd.
Insurance agency
Nagoya Kanko Hotel Co., Ltd.
Hotel business
Kowa Technical Service Co., Ltd.
Maintenance and lease of optical equipment
Kowa Optical Products Co., Ltd.
Development, manufacture and sales of optical equipment, lighting fixtures and professional video equipment
Career & Leaps, Ltd.
Staffing & outsourcing business
Incontro Co., Ltd.
Tenerita Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer and retailer of organic cotton and lifestyle items
Kowa Koga Factory Co., Ltd.
Manufacture of daily products such as body warmer
Creation Co., Ltd.
Kowa Logistics Co., Ltd.
Management & service of logistics solution
Emori & Co., Ltd.
Sales / import & export of chemicals, electronic materials, electronic devices, synthetic resins, dyes, dyeing auxiliaries and environmentally-friendly products
Kokan Techno Co., Ltd.
Electrical Installation and Maintenance
Indoor Farming Operation
Maruei Department Store Co., Ltd.
Department store
Core Holding Co., Ltd.
Nagoya Castle Co., Ltd.
Hotel business


North America
Kowa American Corporation
Import-export trading
Kowa Holdings America, Inc.
Kowa's administration center in the Americas, portfolio investment
Kowa Research Institute, Inc.
Pharmaceutical research and development
Kowa Pharmaceuticals America, Inc.
Marketing/sales of pharmaceuticals
Kowa Waikiki, LLC
Real estate
Latin America
Kochi S.A.
Import-export trading
Kowa Holdings Europe AG
Kowa's administration center in the European, portfolio investment
Kowa Pharmaceutical Europe AG
Kowa's Pharmaceutical Administration Center in the European
Kowa Europe GmbH
Import-export trading
Kowa Research Europe Ltd.
Pharmaceutical research and development
Kowa Pharmaceutical Europe Co. Ltd.
Marketing/sales of pharmaceuticals
Kowa Asia Ltd.
Import-export trading
Kowa (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Import-export trading
Kowa (Shanghai) Optical Instruments International Co., Ltd.
Import & marketing of medical and optical equipment
Kowa (Shanghai) Pharma Consulting Co., Ltd.
Pharmaceutical and medical equipment consulting and promotion
Kowa Pharmaceuticals (China) Co., Ltd.
Manufacture / sales of pharmaceuticals
Kowa Health Care (Shanghai) Import & Export Co., Ltd.
Import and sales of consumer healthcare products
Kowa (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
Import-export trading
Kowa (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
Import-export trading
Kowa Taiwan Tsusho Co., Ltd.
Import-export trading
Kowa Korea Company, Ltd.
Market research and sales of OTC products, medical device and consumer healthcare products
Import-export trading
Philippine-Japan Active Carbon Corp.
Manufacture & marketing/sales of activated carbon
Kowa Holdings Asia Pte. Ltd.
Portfolio investment
Kowa Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.
Import-export trading
Kowa (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Import-export trading
Kowa India Pvt. Ltd.
Import-export trading
Kowa Australia Pty Ltd.
Import-export trading