Products & Services

Lifestyle Business

We have developed textile and fashion products that blends fashion and ecology. Our licensing system covers the whole process from planning and production to marketing of finished licensed products.

Our textile business focuses on cotton fabrics manufactured using Japanese weaving and processing technologies, specializing in distinguished textiles such as cotton stretch yarns and high-density/high-grade yarns (high yarn count). We also provide technical assistance and guidance to our overseas textile manufacturers and dye works, aiming to create a borderless, global monozukuri (Japanese style and spirit of manufacturing) community.
Our integrated OEM system spans from planning and production to distribution for children's/men's/lady's garments, bedclothes, general goods and others in partnership with our affiliate factories at home and abroad. We also plan, manufacture and market licensed products.
Fashion goods Fishing goods
We deal in footwear,bags,various types of general merchandise,and fishing goods. With deep expertise we manufacture them in an overseas factory and sell it in Japan and all the countries of the world.
Branding activities
We handle widely ranging fields in branding activitise.
For example, we are engaged in branding business in a wide range of genres, including "TENERITA," an organic cotton brand, "INCONTRO," which handles an import brand, "Vivienne Westwood," and other brands, and "Franche lippée," a ladies fashion brand.