Kowa Kowabo Company, Ltd.

Community guidelines

Regarding The Kowa Group Community Guidelines

  • 1.Kowa Company, Ltd. and its affiliates (collectively hereinafter “Company”) stipulate the terms and conditions of use for Social Networking Service operated by the Company (hereinafter, “Official Accounts”) as The Kowa Group Community Guidelines (hereinafter, “Guidelines”). The Official Accounts are aimed at facilitating trouble-free communication between the Company and users of Official Accounts (“Users”). The Users are deemed to have agreed to the Guidelines on and by using the Official Accounts including such acts as follower registration.
  • 2.The Company may change the content of Guidelines without prior notice to the Users. Unless otherwise provided by the Company, the revised Guidelines shall take effect immediately upon publication on the Company website (https://www.kowa.co.jp/eng/) and the Users shall abide by the latest Guidelines.

Prohibited Acts

  • 1.The following acts and acts that could be regarded as such (hereinafter, “Prohibited Acts”), are strictly prohibited on the Official Accounts. If any Prohibited Acts are found, the Company reserves the right to delete relevant postings and to block access from relevant accounts.
    • (1)Acts that violate applicable laws
    • (2)Acts that disturb the public order and morals
    • (3)Acts that violate the rules of domestic/international networks or of the Guidelines
    • (4)Posting of topics related to criminal acts
    • (5)Acts that infringe upon the property rights of the Company or third parties, including their copyrights, trademarks, and other intellectual property rights
    • (6)Acts that infringe upon the personality rights of the Company or third parties, which include the right of privacy, the right of publicity, the right of likeness, and the right of fame
    • (7)Posting of obscene documents, images, videos, etc., or leading the Users to other websites, etc. that contains such obscene contents
    • (8)Posting of child pornography, or leading the Users to other websites, etc. that contain such contents
    • (9)Acts that foster, suggest, or promote child abuse, violence, or torts
    • (10)Acts of discrimination, slander, libel, threat, etc. against the Company or third parties, defamation, or damaging the credit of the Company (including the Official Accounts) or third parties
    • (11)Posting the information related to the adult industry, sexual services, etc.
    • (12)Using the Official Accounts for religious activities, solicitation to join religious groups, or equivalent acts
    • (13)Using the Official Accounts for political activities, solicitation to join political organizations, or equivalent acts
    • (14)Using the Official Accounts for the purpose of making a profit without the permission of the Company
    • (15)Posting the information related to online dating websites, casino websites, or equivalent acts
    • (16)Acts of solicitation to participate in pyramid schemes
    • (17)Acts of solicitation or leading to the sexual acts
    • (18)Acts that have a negative influence on fostering the youth soundly
    • (19)Disclosure of information such as contact information that could be used to identify and contact the Users or third parties
    • (20)Assumption of third-party identities
    • (21)Obstruction of the operations of the Official Accounts
    • (22)Transmission of information that contains computer viruses or other harmful computer programs to Official Accounts
    • (23)Analysis, decompiling, disassembly, and reverse-engineering of the Official Accounts
    • (24)Unauthorized access to the Official Accounts or equipment/facilities
    • (25)Transmission of information that is likely to be perceived by third parties as unpleasant, such as grotesque images
    • (26) Acts that could promote and spread false information, fallacy, or misunderstanding
    • (27)Acts that are not in line with or against the purposes of the Official Accounts: and
    • (28)Acts that are deemed inappropriate by the Company
  • 2. Users who violate the Prohibited Acts (“Violators”) shall resolve any and all disputes and claims from third parties, which arise out of or in connection with the Prohibited Acts, at their own responsibility and expenses. The Violators shall indemnify and hold the Company and the third parties harmless from all such damages.

Copyrights, etc.

  • 1. The Company owns all rights (i.e., images, text, catch phrases, illustrations, characters, sound sources, trademarks, service marks, logos, trade names, designs, etc.) of , or has obtained necessary licenses and other rights to use, the contents of the Official Accounts (hereinafter, “Contents”). Therefore, any unauthorized diversion, reproduction, copying, etc. of the Contents are prohibited.
  • 2. Notwithstanding the provisions of Section 1 hereof, the copyrights to the data posted on the Official Accounts by the Users, such as text, images, and videos (hereinafter, “Posted Data”) shall be retained by the Users. Upon completion of the postings, the Users shall be deemed to grant to the Company a perpetual, worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free license (together with the right to sublicense) to use (i.e., copy, process, translate, excerpt, publish, etc.) the Posted Data, in whole or in part, and also to agree not to exercise their moral rights or any other rights as authors.

Accesses to Users’ Information

The Users shall grant to the Company to access to the information published by the Users (i.e., the Users’ names, profile photos, gender, networks, user IDs, friend lists, and other profile information published on the Official Accounts).

Handling of Users’ Personal Information

The Company shall handle the Users’ personal information in accordance with the Company privacy policy and the Act on the Protection of Personal Information in Japan.

Links, etc.

  • 1. The Contents of third-party websites, which have outbound links from or inbound links to the Official Accounts, are not managed by the Company, nor does the Company disclose or provide any the Users’ personal information to those linked websites. Hence, the Company shall not be responsible for handling of the Users’ personal information on the linked websites.
  • 2. In case of any request to publish the Official Accounts on any magazines and books, to use the Official Accounts for advertising, and to set up links to the Official Accounts, please contacts the Company.


  • 1. The Company does not guarantee the accuracy, currency, completeness, truthfulness, legality, efficacy, fitness for a particular purpose, non-infringement of rights of others, etc. related to the Contents (including the Posted Data, etc.). Further, the Company shall not be responsible for any damages which may be incurred by the Users or third parties as a result of their use of the Contents.
  • 2. The Users guarantee to the Company that the Posted Data do not infringe any rights whatsoever, including but not limited to the intellectual property rights, the right of privacy, the right of publicity, the right of likeness, the right of fame, etc. of third parties. If the Users breach this provision, Users who have posted such Posted Data shall be responsible for any damages which may be incurred by third parties and/or Company.
  • 3. The Company may change the Contents, or suspend, postpone, or terminate the operations of the Official Accounts without prior notice and the Users understand and accept such Company action prior to their use of the Official Accounts. In addition, the Company shall not be responsible for any damages which may be incurred by the Users, which arise out of or in connection with such modification or addition of the Contents, or suspension, postponement, or termination of the Official Accounts, regardless of the reason.
  • 4. The Company shall not be responsible for any damages to the Users’ personal computers, mobile phones, and other equipment, including infection with computer viruses, which are caused by the Users’ displaying the Official Accounts on screens or downloading the Contents (including the Posted Data, etc.).

Applicable Law, Competent Court of Jurisdiction

  • 1. The Guidelines shall be governed by and construed under the laws of Japan.
  • 2. In the event that any dispute arises between the Users and the Company concerning the Official Accounts, the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive court of jurisdiction in the first instance.

Date of Revision

The Guidelines were last revised on April 1, 2019.