Kowa Kowabo Company, Ltd.

CSRCorporate Social Responsibility

From the past, and from here on.

The world population is expected to keep growing and economies are becoming more globalized. Amidst these trends, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Agreement have been adopted as mid- to long-term goals for the entire international community with the aim of addressing environmental and human rights problems while sustaining economic growth. Private companies are also called upon to actively contribute to achieving these goals. Under these circumstances, we in the Kowa Group will Continually strive to create a sustainable society and promote healthy and fulfilling living in accordance with our Code of Conduct.

Kowa Group Charter of Corporate Behavior

The Kowa Group aims to fulfill its social responsibilities by meeting high ethical standards while observing, in letter and in spirit, all relevant laws of each country and region in which it does business, as well as all applicable international rules. This “Kowa Group Charter of Corporate Behavior” establishes the basic principles of conduct that all employees of the Kowa Group, anywhere in the world, must follow. The top management of each company in the Kowa Group recognizes that it is their role to realize the spirit of this Charter, and shall establish effective governance and encourage supply chains to act in accordance with the spirit of this Charter.

  • 1. We will, through innovation, develop and provide safe, useful products and services to society, and strive to achieve sustainable economic growth and resolve social issues.
  • 2. We will comply, in letter and in spirit, with the laws and regulations of each country and region, and engage in free and fair competition, proper transactions, and responsible procurement.
  • 3. We will actively, effectively, and fairly disclose corporate information, engage in constructive dialogue with stakeholders, and strive to increase corporate value.
  • 4. We will conduct business activities in ways that respect the human rights of all people.
  • 5. We will provide customers with appropriate information on products and services, and communicate with sincerity.
  • 6. We will create working environments in which all employees can reach their potential, and realize ways of working that respect diversity, personality, and individuality. We will also establish workplaces that are easy to work in and considerate of health and safety.
  • 7. We will take initiative to address environmental issues.
  • 8. We will participate actively in society and contribute to its development as a “good corporate citizen.”
  • 9. We will implement thorough and organized crisis management systems in preparation for the acts of antisocial forces, terrorism, cyber attacks and natural disasters, etc.